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Please inquire about our updated solutions and technologies, including Solar-Hydrogen Systems, Zero Waste Elimination Solutions and more!

We manufacture products that provide solutions for your oil spill needs. We can solve your special needs with patented, proven technology only available through our manufacturing process. Providing products that provide a safe, clean, environment.

We will partner with your organization to plan, respond, or remediate petroleum spill incidents and we are committed to serving your needs with future patented products, great service, and reasonable pricing. Providing solutions world-wide to our partners and customers is our passion.

Featured Products:

Elephant Sponge Absorbent Technology

  • Recovers 16 gallons per square foot of material
  • Available in pads, booms, sweeps, rolls, socks, mops and custom products
  • Reduces: Acquisition cost - less procurement and replacement costs
    Storage cost - smaller amount of space requirements
    Usage cost - reducing need for multiple products

Saf-Ron Gold Dispersant

  • the most effective oil spill dispersants in the US at 85% dispersal
  • available for immediate stockpile and response needs
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